Legacy Documentation

Below is a list of discontinued add-ons and older versions of current add-ons. We no longer provide support for these add-ons, but this area allows you to continue to access documentation for them.

Comment Uploads 2.x

Lets your users upload and attach files or images to EE comments upon submission, as well as display them in your template.

Date Field Filter 3.x

Filter and display channel entries based on a date range in a custom date field, similar to how you would with entry date.

Facebook Connect 4.x

Adds Facebook single sign-on capability to your EE site, as well as the ability to publish data from EE to one's Facebook profile.

Freeform 3.x

Create simple and flexible forms on your site to collect information from your users

Friends 1.x

Users can create & manage lists of friends, complete with private messaging, status updates, comment walls, groups & referrals.

Importer 2.x

Import multiple kinds of data from local or remote data sources into ExpressionEngine content.

Preparse 3.x

Allows you to parse EE template data when publishing and updating entries.

Primary Category 2.x

Select one of your categories as the primary for that entry, then display the primary category for that entry in your template.

Shortcut 3.x

Automatically or manually create shortened URL's for entries and other URL's with your own domain.

Static Page Caching 2.x

Allows you to automatically or manually cache URI’s on your EE site, and serve fully static page copies instead.

Super Search 3.x

Greatly improves search functionality, allowing for powerful and flexible searching on channel entries in EE.

Template Morsels 1.x

Greatly improve page performance by pre-processing parts of your templates that will change less often than every few seconds.

Tracker 2.x

Track and display views for entries, as well as ranked lists with most viewed entries.