So what is it you do exactly?

We resolve your challenging web reliability problems.

You are responsible for a revenue generating website. You know that the team supporting it is an important part of the optimal flow of customers through the system. You don't necessarily know how best to achieve that optimal flow. We can help.

We work extensively in CMS development. We are masters of ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. We can solve most complex web problems with either of these platforms. But that's not why people really keep us around.

With 20 years of client services experience we know that owning your problem with you is key. We work beside you to maintain and support your website, assuring that it is a reliable source of revenue for your company. Whether it is a lead generating website, e-commerce or a web application product - we've worked on them all.

  ExpressionEngine Upgrades

ExpressionEngine is now open source. We're seeing a surge of new activity on the platform. You are likely running an old EE 2 version. It's time you upgraded to EE 5 so that you can stay current and keep your site running reliably. We can help!

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  Cloud Integrations

It's no longer enough that your website can present your message and tell your story in a graceful and compelling way. Your website, to really extract it's true value, needs to be integrated with other systems and data sources on the web. Our Cloud API integration capabilities can take you a long way down the path of leveraging the data and functionality of other systems on behalf of you and your customers.

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  CMS Implementations

One of the most interesting developments on the web in the last decade has been the rise of inexpensive CMS systems. Previously large organizations would purchase large and expensive CMS's to handle their web properties. But with the rise of the likes of WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft and the like, this is no longer the case. We have been involved in this transition from the beginning and have helped organizations of many sizes achieve great value from relatively small investments.

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  Highly Responsive & Interactive Systems

In addition to our back-end web development capabilities we are also very strong in our front-end web development aptitudes. Your ability to tell your story can be greatly enhanced by prudent use of modern web development and design techniques. You need not communicate in 2 dimensions any longer. With our help your message can resonate and spread in more ways than you can imagine.

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  Ongoing Maintenance

Web applications and web sites are living breathing things. They require care and maintenance. Or said differently, your web properties are working for you. They are practically employees. You would not leave them unmanaged, unsupervised. At Solspace, since the very beginning, we have taken pride in our ability to help our clients over the long term. As the web changes and as their needs change, we have been with them every step of the way.

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  System Design

As part of the process of nearly every one of our projects we are called upon to design complex web systems. We begin with a base platform such as a CMS or coding framework. We then build up from that designing API integrations, user interactions, system security and other capabilities to meet business and performance goals. In the end we arrive at a system that serves the needs of the many different types of people who will interact with the system in many different ways.

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